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Patient first.
Provider led.
Excellence always.

We partner with dentists who want a collaborative, integrity-guided approach to putting patients first.

Why we started P1

Integrity. We wanted to protect the integrity of dentistry from the world of corporate dentistry that too often prioritizes quotas over quality care.

That’s why we're a DPO (Dental Partnership Organization). It’s a collaborative community created by dentists for dentists who have and always will put their patients first.

What we provide is operational support (HR, IT, Recruitment) that gives our dentists the peace of mind and focus to continue to deliver elite patient care. And together our partners collaborate on a culture of best practices – adopting technology, treatment and strategies to build a center of excellence that will continue to move dentistry forward.

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How we put patients first

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Doing what is best for the patient is at the bullseye for our organization. Our partners have the clinical & practice autonomy to do what’s best for their patients.

This is a group of elite dentists who are on the forefront of patient care. We are here to help them further that patient-first mission, support them from an administration and strategy standpoint, but ensure they have the freedom to always do what’s right.

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We work together to vet new technologies and strategies that enhance the quality of patient care and practice operations.

Our Clinical Advisory Board is composed of dentists and staff from our partner practices who take the time to research and debate new technology, evaluate shared strategies, and make recommendations on the business direction of the organization.

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Each practice retains their identity, enjoys autonomy and maintains what makes them unique. At P1, culture is king.

We seek to remove business barriers between doctors, staff and patients, and give the practice the ability to continue to grow the goodwill they have built with patients and the community for decades to come.

Join us in providing a higher level of compassionate care

If you have a passion to be a part of an integrity-guided organization that prioritizes patient outcomes through clinical autonomy and access to the latest technology and treatments, we want to talk to you.

Partnership Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to retire and transition your practice or have longer term plans, we are looking for top-tier dentists who have a history of providing excellent patient care.

Become a partner

Associate Partner Careers

Be mentored by masters of the craft as you join the patient-first culture of a partner practice and earn your own ownership equity.

Doctor openings

Team Careers

Our partner practices are known and respected within the industry. If you’re looking for an environment where patient care is the priority, we have a place for you.

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