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Associate Partner Dentists

P1 partner practices provide an opportunity to learn from the best of the best, build your skill, and earn equity ownership. At P1, you’ll also benefit from the business support you need so that your sole focus can be patient care.

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You will work with our Partner Dentists, where you will not only benefit from their experience and expertise, but you’ll also have the resources and continued education that P1 provides to stay at the leading edge of dentistry.

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Our Partner Dentists believe in the vision of truly patient-first care, and this means having a warm and welcome relationship between all our practices.  We all learn from each other to make each other better

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Patients First

P1. Patients first. We can’t say it enough because we live it each and every day. By being part of our DPO, you won’t have the administrative tasks that come between you and the patient. Our goal is simple: remove the barriers that prevent dentistry from moving forward.

Front Office & Clinical Staff

Each P1 Partner practice has its own unique culture and style where you can be a part of a team and have a true impact. Unlike a DSO, our goal is to not build a better machine but to create an environment for better care.


While your paycheck will say P1, your relationship at the office will be much like an independently-owned practice. The way you interact with patients and how you choose to work together as a group is all about that practice’s unique culture.


Partner dentists choose P1 for the security that we provide for their staff. Even after they choose to retire, they want to make sure that their practice will be a place where people will love to work for decades to come.

Patients first

You will have an impact on your patient’s lives and their care. Each practice has the autonomy to make treatment decisions, so the patient gets the right care. Plus, P1 offers the resources to help keep practices on the leading edge of technology and techniques so your career and patient care continues to evolve.

Benefits Package

One of the advantages of being a part of a group is the ability to offer a robust benefits package that doesn’t depend on one practice’s performance for the scale and reliability of benefits.

Medical Insurance
401K Plan (3% Contribution from P1)
Dental Discounts for immediate family
Continuing Education Allowance
+ More