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"The Advisory Board helps us make sure all our decisions benefit our patients, practices, and organization."

Dr. Malinda Mundy-Burgett, DDS, FAGD

Become a partner

Our Clinical Advisory Board helps us stay on the forefront

Composed of seven members of partner practices, and seats for office staff positions, our Clinical Advisory Board’s goal is to elevate patient care and protect the integrity of our collective mission. As such, their primary responsibility is to act as a peer group looking out for the organization’s best interest. Additionally, they review and evaluate new technologies and techniques that can be offered to our clinicians for adoption.

But unlike a DSO, we don’t force new services upon our partner practices. Each dental partner has the freedom to decide whether these technologies or strategies are a good fit for the patients they serve.

More security for both of your families - home and office

For your financial future

Our compensation package is exceptional. We offer not only an upfront payment, but also equity stake in P1. Whether you are looking to retire or want the financial security and support of being part of a larger group, we’re here to be that patient-first alternative to DSOs.

For your practice’s future

Maintaining the goodwill you have built in the community is key to our mission. You and your staff have worked together to garner the trust of your patients and staff, some for generations. It is important that this legacy continues and that your staff will have a place of which they are proud to work for years to come.

Become a partner

Proud to be one of the most prudently growing groups in the country

Growing too fast is one of the key mistakes DSOs make. Often this results in high levels of debt (unsecure), and they also start to lose touch with their practices which makes everything feel corporate and cold.

We’re highly selective and would prefer that new practices come from the referrals of our partners who we all know and trust.  That gives us inherent synergies to build from.

This slow but steady growth allows us to give each practice the time and attention they deserve so that they never feel like just another cog in the machine.

Locations in Illinois and Indiana

Putting the focus solely on patient care

No one became a dentist because they wanted to run a business. We remove those administrative and operational burdens to give you more time for what really matters.

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Our team of experts stay on the forefront of clinical standards to help our practices meet and exceed regulatory requirements and guidelines.

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As a network, we can negotiate better pricing not only on technology and equipment but also the high-quality supplies our doctors use every day.

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Human Resources

From payroll to 401k to hiring, we take care of the paperwork that consumed time for you and your front office staff.

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Even the best practices have people leave, so we help you fill in those gaps by presenting vetted candidates for hire.

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Information Technology

We keep you updated and safe with support that can help with all your integrated systems. We invest in the very best for your patients.

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Never have to talk to a property manager again. We take care of all matters around construction coordination, negotiation with brokers, developers, and property owners.

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Continuing Education

We offer regular training and professional development, as well as yearly stipends for continued clinical education.